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Social Media Domination Strategy

increase your visibility

increase your visibility and promote your unique content in all the major digital websites

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency with all the necessary expertise & skills to ensure a successful Social Media Marketing campaign implementation for your company. Contact us today for a free quote

We will help you to increase your visibility and promote your unique content in all the major digital websites. We satisfied various clients across the globe and we have been appreciated by utilizing our prompt website ranking strategies, instant yet successful results and unmatched determination to go beyond the client’s expectations. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

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Media Marketing campaign to your brand

What does this tell you?

It means every prospective customer of your business surfs the internet on one social media platform or the other on a daily basis… And as such, with a professionally set up social media presence for your business you get to eliminate every limitation your business has ever had.


  • With Social media marketing you get to;
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Build conversions
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Create a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Improve communication and interaction with your key audiences


. . . The bigger and more engaged your audience on social media networks is, the easier it will be for you to achieve every other marketing goal on your list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.


How Much Does it cost?

The actual cost is determined by the number of sites involved in the campaign, the amount of activity and the level of participation.


Why should (company) manage my Social Media Campaign?

Conducting effective Social Media marketing campaigns require large amounts of time and expertise. It is this expertise and experience we offer you to take your business to the next level of profits and brand awareness.


Which device customer is converting on?

All your customers and ideal prospects are online, whether on mobile or on web, we can target and track them down anywhere!


Who or what can I target with Social Media Advertising?

With Social media marketing, we can get hold of your ideal prospects avatar.


What is the cost of Social Media Marketing?

There is no right or wrong answer here, as it varies with situations. First we conduct and intensive consultation session with our clients to know the best strategy to implement.


What’s a good budget for social media advertising?

There is no right or wrong answer here, as it varies with situations. First we conduct and intensive consultation session with our clients to know the best strategy to implement.


Do you offer social media Advertising consultations?

Yes. We offer a free social media consultation for our prospective clients. This helps know their unique situation and how best to help them.


What’s the difference between an Ad and a Promoted Post?

While boosting a post is still considered an ad, Facebook ads are created through Ads Manager and offer more advanced customization solutions. There are many advertising objectives to help you reach your specific business goals and the audiences you care about most.

We Can Help you Get More Traffic to your Website,

Traffic is the lifeblood of every business online & when it comes to traffic, Google tops as the best traffic source platform.

It’s always a challenge getting your business to come out on the first page of Google’s search result, but this is where we come in.

Our SEO service focuses on Key areas to help you get more traffic & help your business grow.

The Race for Google’s First Page Ranking is Huge


Organic search traffic from Google is qualified & It’s always easier to convert them to paying customers compared to traffic from other sources.

So what has this to do with your Business?

The truth is, SEO has got everything to do with your Business & It’s important to help you grow your business.

If you care about getting tons of FREE buyer traffic to your website & ranking top on google, then you need SEO.

We Will, Optimize your Website to Rank Top On Google.

We understand SEO & Google’s keyword search very well & we will implement our strategies in helping your Business come out top on google’s page whenever a keyword relating to your business is researched.

Google changes it’s algorithm continually, but we’ve mastered the act & we have a team of SEO specialists with years of experience.

We don’t just drive traffic to your website, we bring you quality traffic that you can easily convert to paying customers using keyword phrases.

Over 3 billion social media users around the globe

And about 2 billion of this number are active on a daily basis with over 1 million new users signing up on major platforms every single day.

Luno is trusted

We’re early industry pioneers and have been around since 2013, successfully processed more than 8 billion dollars in transactions and have happy customers in over 40 countries


To Grow Your Brand Awareness

We aspire to deliver an effective and profitable social Media Marketing campaign to your brand.

  • To Grow Your Brand Awareness: With our domination strategy, we’ll build a strong brand image and sell your brand message across the globe. Using a narrative that will resonate with your ideal prospects.
  • To Increase Your ROI on Your Marketing Budget: Our strategy are proven, hence our campaigns profitable
  • Our services use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)  Advertising campaigns to take businesses to the next level, both in profit and brand awareness.

    • Content Creation: Good content is key for social engagement, and in our team, we have season content creators to push out lovable narratives of your brand’s message.
    • Social Media Setup Optimization: Customized your social media handles with content based on keyword research and awesome brand message.
    • Engagement Pattern Analysis: Analyze which handles and campaigns are working well to get engagement.
    • Creative Design: Stunning design, intuitive web, and solutions to promote your brand.
    • Social Media Advertising: Run Facebook and other social media ads campaigns to reach new customers based on their interests and demography.
    • Targeting and Segmentation: To get better brand position to target specific customers’ needs.
    • Competitive Intelligence: Information available and learn from your competitors to boost your conversion and profitability by giving you an edge over them..
    • Monthly ROI Tracking Report: Track performance; deploy updates and optimizations in real time.

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kalinda malangu
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