Logo Design Cape Town, and anywhere else.

Launch your business from the dark ages or down right ugly ages and get your company a professional logo design today! The world is too advanced these days to still have a brand that doesn’t engage your viewers and demands attention. Do you believe first impressions last? Then make a great impression the first time with a professional logo design for your business.
Did you know that different colours evoke different emotions from clients? Are your colours right for your target market? You don’t know? Well thats not a problem, we can assist you with making the right choices to get your brand message across all platforms.

Our Online Marketing package standard come with...

Vector Formats

All our logo files come with the original vector file. What is a vector file you ask?… Well a vector file doesn’t pixulate, so you can print it on the moon if you wanted to without losign quality.

48 Hour Turnaround

We work fast, after you place your initial order with us, we will have your logo concepts delivered to you in 48 hours for feedback. Except if you order on Fridays

Multiple Formats

When the logo design is completed you will get a file that contains all the formats you will ever need. You will also get all the colour codes, and a RGB and CMYK version with the fonts used.

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