25 Jul 2020

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The key to focusing on digital marketing results is when more revenue is generated, costs are reduced or the process is optimized. Facebook is a great tool through Facebook marketing to achieve those goals.

With the advent of social networks, the possibility of bringing products directly to customers has become much easier. Also, the ability to select who and what is focused on a new conversion channel has been created in the ad.

5 Tips For Success In Network Marketing

The key to focusing on digital marketing results is when more revenue is generated, costs are reduced or the process is optimized. Facebook is a great tool through Facebook marketing to achieve those goals.

With the advent of social networks, the possibility of bringing products directly to customers has become much easier. Also, the ability to select who and what is focused on a new conversion channel has been created in the ad.

An expert online marketing consultant cannot pass up the possibility of creating a system that earns revenue. Thanks to Facebook marketing for giving a different way of strong social marketing opportunity.

In this article from our blog, we are going to look at each of these specialties. And how they can adapt to achieve the best results when advertising on major social networks around the world: Facebook.

Some information on Facebook

Facebook is known as the main social network around the world. It is used by almost the entire population in developed and developing countries, including Internet access.

About its importance, we can highlight an event like creating 2,167 million accounts in early 2018.

Considering this, there is no country in the world with an estimated population of more than 500 million people. We face a statistic that more than a quarter of the planet’s population will have accounts from Facebook.

With this the management options for achieving the results of digital marketing projects allow us to think about more. And that is the development of advertising on Facebook can be a priority, a good idea.

At Jocial we have specialized as digital marketing consultants. Especially, for whom social networks and advertising are a clear element to generate benefits.

Facebook Ads: Arrangements for payment for ads on Facebook

Facebook ads are also called Facebook ads. It provides advertisers with a variety of options to achieve the goal of reaching out to the public who claim their products.

We are going to analyze the two main features of this digital marketing online article.

Facebook promotions

The possibility of launching content so that it reaches the users of this social network is one of the most popular and not only among companies.

Anyone can post content on Facebook. From the company to freelancers or private individuals anyone. They have the option of promoting texts, images, or videos to increase their visibility.

The launch of these articles allows offers, proposals, information, or news of any individual, freelance, company, or professional to reach their users.

This is an option that professionals often use frequently. And the potential for small investments and regionalization of the market is playing out for Facebook, advertisers, and the public.

Being able to achieve a combination of Facebook advertising, SEO, and sales production strategies is an essential combination in virtually all projects.

If you want to reach your audience, it is important to know that the world of advertising on Facebook is a digital marketing activity. It achieves the best results when managed and controlled by online consultants. They specialize in advertising on social networks and specialize in Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook is not for everyone

Facebook does not allow all kinds of advertising in its community. Companies, freelancers, and individuals sometimes want to do different types of marketing. But, these are now possible for publication.

Any kind of illegal product marketing is not legal on Facebook. Combined with the obvious problems of advertising, including prohibited substances or weapons. There are other areas in advertising where Facebook rejects as advertisers who want to use Facebook ads.

Many of them have connections to the new digital business world. And in the case of default collection, we are not referring to the agency or specialist agencies to cancel.

Facebook’s competition problem. And this business giant has been repeatedly criticized for its abusive practices. Also for its privacy policy, or for selling sensitive data to third parties.

On the one hand, Facebook is involved in getting its own cryptocurrency and its own CEO speaks in favor of bitcoin and virtual money.

The curious thing, or not so much, is that any type of advertising about Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies has been banned on Facebook.

For any organization, digital marketing and bitcoins are ideas that gain more and more interaction and relevance. So it has only been explained that Facebook vetoes this type of advertising. Because it wants its own cryptocurrency to succeed together with other economic interests.

Can it be sold on Facebook?

One of the main requirements is the possibility of using Facebook to generate direct sales or lead generation. So that they can later transform through various elements of online marketing.

Facebook thus became a company-centric service organization. It is centered on bottom conversions and funnel conversions.

So, those sectors that do not have a wide spectrum of common followers can find curiosity for this ad. The reason may be either the subject matter or they are targeting because of the rare audience.

Advantages of Facebook in the field of online marketing

From the beginning, Facebook has offered a wide market that can provide users with the products they need.

You can promote content, generate a wide community, or make announcements. That can lead to a website where you can make a purchase and expand information. One can earn a solid amount of money using this Facebook marketing platform. Because in digital marketing social media marketing raises a big portion. And though Facebook is the major place to publish the business to all kinds of users or customers one must have a lead Facebook strategy. Without this platform, traffic or customer gaining can be much difficult. According to the study, 51% of online marketing strategy is covered up based on this Facebook. So your online marketing strategy should go through the best social media platform with the best plans. With that, you can promote your service or brands and can earn value from that. So apply a strategic plan on Facebook Marketing anf get the best result with the best income. 

For all this, we offer you from our Online Marketing the option of developing a Digital Marketing Plan. It includes promotional campaigns like influencer marketing on social networks or directly a campaign on Facebook. It can help you improve your objectives and profitability on the Internet.

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24 Jul 2020

5 Tips for a Successful Network Marketing

Network marketing is amazing, it is the only form of business that provides a level playing field for everyone. In other words, anyone can succeed in this industry. And the best part is, others have already illuminated the trail for success. Also, they have stated the network marketing plans on social networks. But getting success from different parts and business is not the same. You have to stay with the regular tips and tricks to make your service big.  So just look at what they did and the same thing. Here are five best tips for success in network marketing. Hope this helps you with your marketing strategy:

Become qualified to coach Network Marketing

Even network marketing in social form is a duplicate business. Those who have already achieved success will share their privacy with success and listen to what you have to do and then do what they tell you. Successful network marketing companies are those that copy the prescribed strategies and adapt to specific markets, so don’t let your arrogance get in the way.

Develop your dreams, goals, and objectives.

Research has shown that very few people write dreams and goals, but those who are successful achieve a higher level of success. Mark your dreams first. For you, if you do not have the time and money obstacles, how will your life be? Give a description of your dream home. Also, get a mental picture of your dream car, vacation, clothes, lifestyle, etc.

From these dreams, develop your goals. A dream is a big picture and goals are the steps that lead you to your dream. For example, suppose the car of your dreams is a Mercedes SL65. 200,000 and about ,000 4,000 monthly. What are the steps to implement this dream? You may need to increase your income, so your goal is to increase your monthly income,

Then you divide your goals into smaller goals (in our case, you need to do this to increase your monthly income to $10,000). Every day your own dreams, goals and to determining your daily activities

Work for Network Marketing

Network marketing has probably made millions more than any other industry. When each of these people starts their business with different organizations and using different methods, they all have one thing in common: work. Network marketing is not a quick enrichment project because you will only get rich through hard work.

One of the main differences between those who succeed and those who fail is their level of work. Most of the people who fail to consider their network business as a hobby, whenever they have time to work, but rich people work in their business every day.

Remember that after a thorough evaluation of your schedule, you can dedicate only 10 hours per week to your business. Take a daily planner and block available time slots. Remember, the job is not to file, check emails, or surf the web. Network marketing works in anticipation, presentation, follow-up, registration, training, and support of new partners.

In the beginning, 90% of your people should spend expecting, identifying, following, and signing up for new people. As your network grows you can spend more time on training and support. But never give up hope or your business will die.

Always be persistent

Most network marketers give up soon. They hope to earn $1000 in the first month and if not, they give up. But it takes time to build a network business. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people’s rejection. But, this person is consistently determined who will succeed.

Make lots of friends

For many, the advice that has had the greatest impact on the success of network marketing is keeping the idea of ​​making ten million friends instead of one million euros. You can only succeed in network marketing if you help others succeed. Because of this, go out and look for new friends who can help you make your business a success. Forget your wants and needs and serve them, Friends, instead. This concept is called “servant leadership” – you lead by serving the leaders. The more friends you make and serve, the greater your network marketing success.

This does not mean that you have to be friends with reality. You can cover your relationship through social media. As social network marketing grows and becomes more effective for developing your brands, you can take the opportunity. Many online marketing strategies are now based on social media marketing. Effective marketing, content marketing, and even service marketing are very popular for example. Influencing the network marketing segment is one of the key elements in expanding your network. Because they describe the value of the brand to your target audience in detail. So you can apply your marketing strategy to dive your profit from it. No pressure no argument. Just plan and decide how to grow your network through marketing practice

If you want to make your marketing bigger and improve your network marketing knowledge, you can contact us. It is an online marketing training platform for thirty people for marketing. It can allow you to learn different marketing strategies and plan with core viewpoints. You can apply professional and premium things with training sessions here. All sessions are conducted by the best sales and marketing instructors. Not just network marketing but all kinds of digital marketing stuff. But don’t regret the advice you’re not applying right now. In the future, you may be needed for marketing purposes. Achieving success in identifying knowledge is a necessary thing to make your expert in it. Good luck.

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23 Jul 2020

Social Media Golden Rules

Getting users’ attention through social media marketing is a real challenge. Although after reading this article, it will be easy for you. You can easily increase your chances of promoting successful social media marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, need to use social networks to reach your target audience or market segment.

Whether it’s your business, an educational institution, or an NGO, it’s on social media where you find potential people interested in learning about your proposals.

Now, you must take part in a few necessary and strategic aspects to influence your ideas promotions on social networks.

That is why today we share with you the 4 golden rules that you have to follow to spread your brand and proposals successfully in Social Media. Take note!

Below you will find advice conceived from studies, statistics, experiences, and the word of experts in Social Media.  It will help you guide your actions to achieve your communication goal

1. Remember that everything enters through the eyes

Although it is a common phrase, the truth is that it is applied 100% on the Internet, and especially on Social Networks! You can give a large amount of information that users find in their daily newsfeeds. But that needs to distinguish your publications from the rest and help them attract attention.

Recent studies have shown that visually enriched posts are much more engaging for users.

For example, posts with pictures on Facebook receive twice or three times more engagement from viewers than posts without pictures or animated GIFs, which tend to be less interactive.

This importance of images is not limited to the field of social networks rather it is a feature of the internet. So everything you do online must be successful, even considering your promotional email marketing!

You can take advantage of design tools to optimize your Social Media marketing campaigns. Also, it can help your different digital marketing plans like Email Marketing actions.

2. Constancy is the best way to build a relevant presence

In Social Networks, people socialize and entertain themselves at all times. This is why if you want to be noticed need to always be present.

In the United States, for example, people check their Twitter, Facebook, and other platform accounts at least 17 times a day. They use their social media accounts through their mobile phones.

This is why if you want to create a relevant presence, you must analyze the recommended publication frequency for each social network. And you need to create publishing strategies according to that number. This is consistent with the brand identity and the spirit of the offers that you want to send.

To get inspiration and good references from this place, we suggest you identify the top players in your sector. And analyze the brand’s social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to study the time of their publication and the type of content.

Schedule your publications and email promotions to always be present in the minds of your customers. You can take the help of various tools available on the internet which will save you time and money. Just make a list of your posts, set a time to post on targeted social media, and submit it. Then you don’t have to worry about publishing. During this time you can do other important things to follow your social media marketing.

3. To find the perfect tone you must know your audience

Because all these networks are «social», the tone of your brand profile and your publications must have the same qualities. You can call someone socially successful. Even like charisma, a clear style, and something interesting to say.

In other words, you must find a tone of communication that satisfies and identifies your target audience.

You may be wondering: How do I do this? Let your audience know the most important step in optimizing your contacts.

For this, you must specify who your messages are addressed to, their age, gender, economic status, customer habits, cultural level, and other factors in their population profile.

Knowing these details enables you to create suitable and relevant messages depending on where your ideas are directed.

To help you with this, we share a list of items below. You need to respond to your audience profile details and find out who is targeting your promotions:

In turn, we recommend that you  take the following actions to learn more about your target audience on Social media and improve your communications :

  • Check the comments your posts receive on all your Social Networks.
  • On Twitter,  take a look at your followers’ BIO to get to know them better, and find out what other brands they follow.
  • Ask your audience directly about what kind of content they would like to find in your accounts. You can use tools to get it creatively.
  • In turn, you can encourage sharing through a raffle among the participants and get double benefits. Like:  information about your followers + increase the Engagement of your publications.

4. The quality of your content is a certain factor to grow

The last golden rule that you must follow to achieve a relevant presence on Social Networks is to take care of the quality of your content.

This point is largely a logical consequence of what has been said before. Since taking care of the visual aspects of your posts, knowing your audience and being constant, will increase your quality.

But there are some mutual suggestions for adding value to your contacts that make you interested in your messages and decide to follow you:

  • Check the reliability of your blog posts and information from your social media. In this way, you will increase your communication loyalty. And you can avoid the risk of spreading inaccurate data that damages your brand image. 
  • Be sure to create original posts (never copy-paste): Try to give your audience something unique and exclusive. So, even when you share public knowledge news, you need to take care to prepare your own statement, presentation or analysis about that information. Remember that the goal is to create a unique melody or style that sets your brand apart from everything else. 
  • Take care of your grammar and maintain good taste when expressing. While this may seem obvious, spelling corrections in your content affect the image of your brand or offer. Put the juice in cans of good taste and avoid violent posts, nasty, black jokes or these may be known as politically incorrect.
  • Analyze the impact of your publications on all your social networks to learn how to get the most out of your audience. Yes, you can create more content to make your fans happy. Remember that you can consult the statistics provided on each social network for more details on the impact of your publications.

We hope you can make the most of the information we provide in this post!

To get the best results from your social media marketing when planning and sharing your publications, start implementing all the rules made here.

Which of these recommendations has been most helpful to you? Do you want to add it to another list? Leave us your comments!

Stella Palmer

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