18 May 2018

Creativity, consistency and context

Creativity, consistency and context

Success-LeadsMy career as a graphic designer has served me well in marketing. It gave
me insight in a very meaningful way into how important these 3 C’s are.
When you are building a brand everyone knows you have to be unique.
What many people struggle with is how to do that in a way that is easy to
maintain when it comes to being consistent. It is often
overlooked, but the value of it is tremendous.
As human beings we pick up on patterns. We like
things that make us do less brain work. By being
consistent you are creating a subconscious
preference for your brand. Obviously by being
unique you are also getting attention and setting
yourself apart as important.
When you combine those too very powerful things with giving people the
right context, something almost magical happens. Brand loyalty. They see
you as the answer and experience they want; you become what they crave.

Build a Community

Success-LeadsBuilding a Personal Brand is great and has a lot of benefits. But what about
building a community around your brand? Engaging with your most active
audience members has a lot of value. You can learn things about your brand
and your presentation style that you’d have to pay thousands for audits or
coaching to find out about.
The feedback you get can be the difference
for you in knowing what direction to take your
brand or whether it is time to pivot. Having
the perspective of others can let you catch
things you may have overlooked if you kept
going it alone. Your community can give you
the clarity of purpose that you need.
One of the additional benefits of community building is that you gain a
large group of accountability partners. Most people try to rise to meet the
expectations set by them for others. This can be a great motivator when all
else fails. You will deliver and be your best self even when it is hard because
you want to know that you are giving other people what they deserve.

SEO Friendly

Compellingly transform plug-and-play expertise whereas efficient platforms. Authoritatively communicate quality sources vis-a-vis standards compliant partnerships.

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23 Apr 2018

Newsletter issue #1

Google Submission vs SEO

Many people tend to confuse Google submission with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, especially when we’re out in the field marketing our own brand as Success Leads. Our price plannings usually distinguish the two services and our potential clients always ask us what the difference is. Well, it’s quite simple really. Once your website has been created, unique to your business or company, meaning that it has its own distinctive URL and domain recognized by a search console, you would like for people to be able to find it on a search engine such as Google, especially Google!! Reason being that Google is the top search engine out of all known search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, and that is why we offer this service to our clients. However, having your website pull up from Google search results does not solve the issue of getting your business out there; All it means is that if your website is looked up on Google, it’ll appear in the results. On the contrary, SEO provides a search engine platform for your business to be found without the person knowing about it or having the URL to it. By using indexing (or descriptive) words, otherwise known as key words or key phrases to search for what they need on a search engine, results that pop-up will include your website. In this instance, your target market will search for what your business is selling or servicing, then google will bring up your company. Great, isn’t it?! In a nutshell. a search engines such as Google, are actually marketing your business, and hence there’s a fee to pay…and that’s why we call it business! So let your business grow and prosper, do the savvy thing and render Success Leads’ SEO service!

The benefits of e-mail hosting

If you have a business and you plan for your business to grow and prosper, which is what every business owner wants for their business, right? Yes, you might just want to distinguish yourself from the next gmail or yahoo user to set your business apart. Wouldn’t you like your future employees ti have a domain name that is specific to the business, especially if there’s a possibility that they could send out e-mails on your behalf, or on behalf of the business. Also, try to think about it this way, hosting an e-mail means that the e-mail is strictly used for that particular business, well only if you manage it well that is. Essentially, all you want to do is separate your personal clutter from the business, unless of course if your personal clutter is your business. The bottom line is, it’s only fair to say that hosting an online communication system that is for your business is not only right thing to do, but also gives your business professional credibility. GET MORE LEADS TO YOUR BUSINESS NOW!

Why have a website?

Ever ‘googled’ for a quote for a particular subject that really matters? Say you type “Quotes about having a website for your business”?
Well, you might not exactly find a known quote specific to starting a website. However, your search engine, such as “Google” or “Yahoo” might give you thousands of results with links to literature websites that can point you to something similar to what you are looking for.
Point being, a website can improve your business for people that may be searching for it using electronic gadgets such as a cellphone or a laptop, in the comfort of their homes. Read more.
Telephone directories and direct marketing are slowly becoming obsolete, and replaced by the World Wide Web. Having a website on the other hand, other than just appearing on social media platforms, will give your business integrity, authenticity and uniqueness. Go ahead, and ask Google. He’ll point you to a website that’ll tell you the same thing!

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